Finding Coloring Pages for Bible Lessons About Abram/Abraham

There are many stories about Abraham in the Bible that we can use to teach our students lessons about faith, obedience, trust, and other Christian characteristics. However, it is not always as easy to find high-quality color pages and worksheets that match our lessons. If you do not use pre-built courses, you must be creative and find your own home books. Here are four online color pages to mess with stories about important events in the life of Father Abraham.

Abram/Abraham color sheets

This is a great place to paint pages about Abraham in the Bible. Five sheets cover important events in the life of Abram/Abraham, such as the dispute with Lot or Isaac’s promise, and five more specifically address the stories of Abram and Lot. You can print the color sheets with or without advertising and with or without Bible Verses.


Use this color page to learn about Abraham, Sarah, and Isaac as an art activity or send it home to reinforce the lesson. The pictures are pretty big, and if you want, you can paste the whole sheet on the box (cut a cereal box and use the inside), which lets kids color the pictures and then cut them. Put a handcrafted stick on your back, and you’ve created simple doll dolls that kids can use to tell the story of Isaac’s birth in their own words.

Christian Answers

Abraham even trusted God to the point of being willing to sacrifice Isaak, and God rewarded his loyalty. The color sheet contains a brief summary of the story, and the picture contains many details, so this color page is likely to be suitable for older students who read and write independently and have good motor skills to get older.

Ministry of Children

This color sheet is designed for pre-school children, but it would also be suitable for most lower primary school classes. Abraham looks at the stars, but there is no text, so he could be used in conjunction with many of Abraham’s stories in the Bible. You can print the image or edit the JPEG.

Use these

Lessons from the Bible

with the colors above and your Sunday school planning is finished! Tomorrow we will talk about some tasty snack ideas that you can combine with these lessons to offer your students a rich learning environment that is also a lot of fun. Make your Sunday school the most popular in your children’s church.

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