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You will find the background of the events that preceded the call of God to Moses in exodus 2:11-25. But here’s a quick summary of what happened and why Moses was in Horeb, which was also called the Mountain of God.

Before Bush’s Decline

Moses was raised in the Pharaoh Palace as the son of the Egyptian ruler. One day, Moses caught an Egyptian man who injured one of the Israeli slaves, killing the man. When two other Hebrews announced that they knew about his crime, Moses feared being exposed as a murderer, and he fled to Midian. There he met Zipporah, the daughter of the Midianite priest Jethro. Jethro was a shepherd, and Moses helped him nurture his sheep herds. The sheep went to Horeb while they were grazing, and Moses observed the mysterious sight of a bush that exploded with fire but was not consumed.

God calls Moses from a Burning Bush

The story of Moses and the burning bush is always fascinating for children of all ages. Finally, how many times have you seen something burning without being consumed? Of course, it is up to every single teacher how much of this background story he or she wants to share with a class.

If you teach young children or preschool children, it is probably enough to say that Moses has run away from the fear of Pharaoh, while you may want to encourage students with primary schools or high-level students to explore more deeply his motives and reasons for life in Midian.

Lessons and resources

Here is a guide to some fantastic lessons plans, crafts, and resources to help you understand the story of Moses and his close encounter with God in an interactive way that brings history to life:

  • Lesson for Moses and the Burning Bush:┬áTeach the memory with this original piggyback song to help children learn the writing of Exodus 3:3. There’s also an age of matching crafts and funny facts about Moses himself…Do you realize that Moses is a famous author?
  • Moses and the Burning Bush: This lesson includes a song and a short, true or false review to test the recall. There is also a fairly comprehensive vocabulary list and discussion questions so that you can adapt your primary school to different ages.
  • Children’s sermon Bush: This is an excellent resource if you want to teach older undergraduates and learn more about the events Moses has led to Midian and to deepen the meeting with God.
  • Free printable word search: This free search of words based on burning bush is suitable for classes two and higher. Use it as an activity to prolong the class in the classroom or send home as an increase of the lesson. When students complete it at home and bring it back to class next week, you should consider a small reward like a sticker or other non-monetary reward.

For infants or pre-school teachers about the birth of Moses, read the free Sunday school curriculum for the birth of Moses.

For an interactive lesson that children will love because they can collect their own “manna,” read the Sunday School’s textbooks: The miracle of Manna.

Picture: Moses and the burning bush to which Dirk Bouts were publicly owned

The author writes from her experience as a Christian educator and laid the minister for children.

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