The Student behind the Numbers

Behind each final registration number is a real person who asks for a chance to come to the university of his choice.
18-year-olds have no idea of the entries and exits of the admission procedure. I know I didn’t do it. A student can have a somewhat distorted perspective of his parents and other external influences that cause them to graduate from college. A student also gets an early insight into some media college traditions like movies. Still, a high school student’s mindset and her view of college degrees may not be what you think.
Multi-channel campaigns are the best way to reach a student who is considering a traditional university or university. I remember feeling connected to the colleges that were paying attention, not necessarily face-to-face like a campus visit. For a high school student, it is refreshing to have a graduate student who pays special attention to her. This personal connection has the greatest influence on me.

Three tips from a recently completed college:

Use a multichannel campaign. Use all available resources.
Some students may not use a smartphone, but they will be on their computers every night. E-mails can reach a smartphone and an e-mail box! Make sure you send a reasonable number of e-mails, but not too many. According to Exact Target in a recent study, students chose 9 out of 10 cases when email campaigns were too frequent.
Are the images in your direct message really connected to the potential student? Most students want to identify with other students that they see while exploring their college. It’s a way for a student to feel like they’re really on campus, and it allows a student to imagine their experience as if they were actually there. Imagine the direct email creatively as a virtual experience where a student can lose 5, 10, or even 30 seconds. Is your direct e-mail creative at the value of 30 seconds of a student day?
Do you have a way for future students to get involved in your social space? Facebook could be a way to stretch out, and students will talk about it with their friends!
Is your website mobile or do you have a mobile website?
Last but not least: Don’t forget to contact the students by phone. Whether you reach students through a call campaign or your staff call students, make sure it is a reasonable time and you can imagine. Please don’t try to sneak at her. If they are not interested, it is not the best way to attract their attention.
If the student is interested, try to get them on campus.
The personal aspect of the community

Students do not always choose colleges based on what seems logical.

A student may have been in your best group of students throughout the admission tunnel, and then in a mysterious way. Perhaps a friend chose another school or a best friend urged her at the last minute to attend a local college. You can’t play the blame game. It must not be anything you or your team have done or have not done!
In the end, students are real people, not enrolment numbers in a table. The more you can connect with the world of your future student, the more effective your marketing campaign can be for registration.

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