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Each vendor will tell you that to succeed in a marketing campaign, you need to have a good understanding of your target market: their demographics, media habits, and motivations. Market research allows you to take advantage of this information and to get to know your current and future students better. If you knew exactly what motivated your brilliant students to enroll in your institution, this could have far-reaching consequences.

With the help of our experienced education marketing research professionals, this could not only help shape your recruitment strategy, but also the future of your institution. In the end, we use research knowledge in the higher education market to help your institution recruit more students from the right students, register the right number of students, and make the most of your budget. Implement sound strategies Our team combines your input, sophisticated industrial technology and in-depth research to provide you with solid, evidence-based advice. With over 20 years of expertise in the education industry, we offer high-impact recruitment solutions that streamline your processes and help you meet your budgets.

Our market research is complete, accurate, and affordable. Help your institution:
Effectively attract and retain students who fit your current population Determine why inquiries do not register for a school Transition to another search profile Consider a new geographic presence Increase enrollment in a new program Identity new market opportunities Conduct student surveys and focus groups Transform raw data into new surveys Our experienced teams know how to acquire the most relevant data. We also know people. This means that we understand how to identify the best potential students for your institution and what college marketing research tactics will best support your future growth, so that you can make the most of your recruitment money every turn. Data can speak louder than words, but only if you have someone to interpret them.

Let our team of market research experts acquire, translate and provide the information you need to improve your return on investment and maximize your marketing efforts. We will help you find causes and work with you to orchestrate the desired effect.


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