Teaching Resources for Teachers and Primary Education

Primrose Education Resources has provided resources for physical education and dance teachers to primary schools and junior schools over the past thirty years. At the foundation level, level 1 and level 2 of the key level of their training, we offer a wide range of products to make learning more interactive and more interesting for students and children. You can see our selection of resources for the first years on our product page. Our assortment includes resources that we create for the early years, the key level 1, and the key level 2. Our range of dance topic series has received excellent feedback and has proved to be very popular.

The dance series is designed for key level 1 and level 2 students and has been enjoyed in numerous classrooms. The focus of this series is the provision of themes and competency-based strategies through the medium of dance. A fun, unforgettable and lively way to learn! The dance teacher packages we offer a range of topic-oriented teacher packages and work for teachers and schools, who are new or experienced dance teachers. They work for both boys and girls and are spread across a wide range of age groups and skills.

Each pack contains a development plan, two specially composed CDs with music, and teacher cards for additional support.
Physical education and sports development is another popular category for which we provide resources. Our range of packs is designed to allow children who meet the requirements of the National Curriculum to exercise healthy physical activity.

A great way to make sport and healthy life more enjoyable for younger viewers. Since the first years special packages have been manufactured. The program includes mini-beasts, Cherry Tots dance contrasts, movement and dance for the foundation stage, dances for the early years, and other titles to promote the development of the early years. Multicultural Resources was covered with the world’s popular dance handbook, which contains three accompanying CDs.

All content is based on traditional and temporary topics from around the world. The story of Hanuman never stops entertaining children, while the naughty monkey tries to steal the sun from God. Special offers for all packages are available, please see the individual product lists for more information. You can also listen to audio clips from many of our resources to give you a sense of the content and style of teaching.


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