Google Display Network as a Marketing Tool

The Google Display Network is a group of websites that have joined forces with Google to display their Adwords ads. This service is contextually targeted, i.e. based on content relevant to certain key terms. You can place text, image, video, or rich media ads as a university marketer that is specifically targeted on your headword list based on specific topics. You can target websites as well as Google properties such as YouTube and Google Maps.

Marketing for your school via Google Display Network

Internet users spend most of their time on content websites (not search engines), so Google Display Network allows the educational marketer to display ads on content websites that are relevant to their users’ interests. The higher the relevance, the more likely it is that the target clicks on your ad.

There are three main areas where you can use the Google Display Network in your educational marketing:

  • Context Orientation – Control ads based on the context of the Web site
  • Placement Targeting – target advertising based on the number of things, such as geo-targeting
  • Note: Allows marketers to continue engagement after the potential student has left the site

Overall, ads in the Google Display Network can be a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. It makes sense, because you can adapt your marketing budget to your market for registration. Key to success: set your price for the results and take into account your key figures to determine the effectiveness.

We recommend that you use the Google Display Network together with your current search engine optimization and Pay Per Click promotion to complement your interactive marketing plan. Effective use will increase the overall performance of your campaigns.

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