Google triggers some badly needed competition

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Recently, Google made a sweet announcement to the people of Kansas City with great fanfare: Google Fiber comes into the city. It arrived last week. Well, everybody, I mean, everybody wants it — and who doesn’t? No more buffered videos, video conferencing in HD, the ability to record up to eight broadcasts simultaneously, and download and upload speeds 100 times faster than the connections most people have today. It sounds like a dream come true. Register now! Oh, wait – it’s only available in September.


As a media professional, I’ve been thinking about what this will mean for the advertising industry. Will Google be able to change the way people consume and buy a TV, or will this attempt be doomed to repeat the flawed launches of Microsoft Web TV, Apple TV, and Yahoo TV?

The consumer

As a consumer, I want my television experience to be more than it is today, but only if it is simple and relevant to my needs. I already have a laptop, a tablet, and a smartphone that I use to surf the Internet. I don’t need my TV for that.

What I want is to vote for my favorite American idol participant with my distance. Or you have a simple app that allows me to buy Star color and wallpaper at the design.

This kind of interactivity would require the integration of cable companies, set-top box experts, TV programmers, and advertisers. And so far, Google Fiber is not planning to include them in its ecosystem. Google, if you listen (or read, rather), this is at the top of my wish list!


It is too early to say whether Google will succeed or fail Fiber. Nevertheless, it will trigger competition in the market and force change. Internet service providers and cable companies will become competitive in terms of prices, functions, and offers. I think we’re going to see more competitive options for cloud storage, and cable companies are going to start integrating interactive features at no extra cost, which will ultimately be better for consumers and advertisers. For that, thank you, Google!

As advertisers, we need to know more about our target audience than ever because of the opportunities Google could offer Fiber. Consumers will have more choice, more choice, and more control. And we must do our best to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time through the channel of their choice. Of course, a small competition on the market is always a good thing!

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